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How to install and maintain the Thermal Relay of DC stabilized Power supply

The installation of DC stabilized power supply thermal relay should follow the following points: thermal relay can be used as overload protection of motor, but can not be used as short circuit protection.Generally speaking, it is not suitable to use thermal relay as overload protection for motors running at point, heavy load, continuous positive and reverse rotation and reverse braking. During the installation of the thermal relay, the dirt on the surface of the contact should be removed to avoid the contact resistance of the network being too large or the circuit blocked, which will affect the action performance of the thermal relay. The cover of the shell of the medium thermal relay should be covered frequently, the terminal must be tightened and the connection should be reliable. Check the rated current value of the thermal element or the scale value of the adjustment knob to see if it is equal to or equal to the rated current of the motor.




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